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CH PL MAYA Duma Labradoru

11.02. 2004 - 16.06.2016
My sweet girl....she left me so suddenly and without any warning...few hours earlier she was walking with me, happy and with wegging tail...and then...the end...I can't make it up and I can't stop thinking about it...I didn't even have time to help her it all happened so fast:((
We are, we walk and then...pufff...and we're gone...that's horrible. That year was very hard for me, I've lost so many old friends, my "Old Guard" is so out numbered now, and they were such a wonderful dogs.
Maya was always happy and kind, I could always caounted on her, I will miss her intelligent brown eyes and grey face. She has been with me for over 12 years...quite long but not long enough.
Goodbye my love, I hope that on the other sied you are with those who love you and that you are ok and one day we will meet again